When a small library got its copy of a lost children’s book back

After more than a century, the library at a small farming town in eastern Idaho managed to track down and return its long-lost copy of a children’s book.

The incident is a testament to how hard it can be to get your hands on a lost or misplaced library item, and makes for a tender heartwarming ending.

The youth read aloud in front of a group of classrooms at the high school in Pickens County, in eastern Idaho.

Ashley Anderson is pictured here in 2010 with her husband, Daniel, and two daughters, Mackenzie, 8, and Adayna, 7.

The library presented each of its students with a framed copy of the book. The original was read aloud in front of a group of children before 9th grade English teacher Teresa Jones sorted through the overwhelming number of signed copies to find the original one.

In an email to the Idaho State Journal, library spokesman Jeff Reigstad said that it is the first time the library has ever had a picture of its entire collection, and as of last week it had 30 up on its wall, including the cover of the 1909 book.

Reigstad said that the students were given the title of the book and then the children were asked to read it.

“To my knowledge, the teacher was the last person in line to read ‘Five Little Indians’,” Reigstad said.

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