Is ‘Schnauzer’ a racial slur in Snapchat video by Alexander Zverev?

ATP to investigate concerns raised by fellow player after Alexander Zverev appears to post a derogatory video on Snapchat

The ATP said on Wednesday it would investigate if an online video posted by Alexander Zverev contained discrimination, just days after the German was accused of domestic abuse in Spain.

The world No3 was given a suspended ban on Monday by the ATP for an incident in which he made apparent use of racist language.

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The incident, which occurred during an exhibition match at Valladolid on Sunday, has shocked the tennis world, with the 21-year-old subjected to widespread public criticism for an apparent reference to black women.

However, the No2 player in the world, Rafael Nadal, who was in Valladolid at the time of the incident, has said he did not witness the incident and Zverev, who denies using any racist language, is said to have posted a “vaguely racist” Snapchat video on Tuesday that was widely shared on social media.

The ATP has received a complaint and it has asked Zverev for further information to determine whether the complaint is valid and the matter would be investigated, the governing body said in a statement.

In the video, the German does not appear to say any specific offensive words but instead uses the German word “Schnauzer” to describe dog breeds, before adding “malery”, followed by the German word for brown skinned people.

Zverev apologised on Twitter on Tuesday evening for what he said was an “inadvertent racist post”, and said his manager had made him aware of the picture he shared.

The ATP statement said it expected Zverev to provide “refreshed information” regarding the Snapchat video and that it would be considered as part of its investigation.

The Mexican tennis player Emilio Sanchez, a seven-time career doubles winner who is also the former world No1, has also written to the ATP to voice his concerns over the incident.

“I have been deeply troubled to see that someone as world-class as you let such a thing happen,” Sanchez wrote in his letter. “A known champion for the struggle for justice, peace and equality, how can you have a player like this on your tour? Why has such a big organisation as the ATP not made a public statement? Where is the power of the organisation?

“Is someone as big as you the one that has to play and communicate with a player like this? I don’t like to use the word manipulation but just for me it feels like we’re manipulated here. This is truly a shame.”

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