Metro’s effort to rid 8-block block of D.C. of seatbelt rule — but it needs your help

An online petition is circulating on seeking to fix the issue at Northwest 75th Street and Connecticut Avenue NW.

Parker, you can make them see the light! You need to remove the metal crosswalk curb that blocks pedestrians from the 8 “Penny Lane” area light. There is a marked crosswalk for pedestrians and bicyclists at 8 Penny Lane and Aurora Avenue. The city is going to stop changing the timed lights on 8 Penny Lane at 8 p.m. on Friday. I am on the way back from getting drunk and taking trolley rides from 8 Penny Lane to West Potomac as a respite from the rules of D.C. card. Then you’re going to have to put the new lights back in. Mr. Top Ranters, No. 8 Penny Lane is a really important stop in the D.C. Circulator System with hundreds of riders that regularly use the lines that go from NE Woolly Mammoth to Evanston Park. The whole stretch runs through the entire 6th congressional district, which is the fastest growing congressional district in the country. It is a north-south route but it is an east-west route.

As of noon Tuesday, the petition had received more than 1,400 signatures and it can be seen here.

A man who works at a nearby Starbucks told The Washington Post he’s heard from fellow employees about how the warning signage isn’t visible. He also said traffic is an issue near the light on 909 Connecticut Ave., which connects to the C-line underpass.

According to the website Street Smart D.C., the 8 block of West Potomac Avenue NE “includes a section of Connecticut Avenue that crosses underneath the interstate.”

O’Neill said Parker’s leadership team “understands and takes care of complex issues related to quality of life issues.”

“In this case,” he said, “we understand that significant traffic issues exist, and we want to assure residents of our area that there are steps being taken to address these issues.”

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