Morning Fix: Lawsuit alleges Republican lawmakers ripped off Social Security recipients

A lawsuit filed Monday alleges that Republican representatives and senators colluded with lobbyists to enrich themselves by depriving hundreds of Social Security recipients of $2.1 billion in a scheme known as payment delays. The Florida plaintiffs include an older version of the Florida Power & Light Company; KPMG, a financial services firm; H.C. Wishall & Co. Ltd., a hearing-aid store; and Florida Capital, a group of contractors who helped recruit the beneficiaries and help them acquire their health insurance. The date for when they’ll receive their expected checks remains unknown. Here’s a story and a video from the paper and from NBC News.


Oh, another bathroom sticker game. This time it’s Teens React to Bathroom Stickers, where participants have to play chicken to see which bathroom sticker they can swipe right. It’s NBC News.

Moms Against Big Banks and Climate Change announced their 2018 manifesto. The collection includes a number of businesses, associations and philanthropies that express anti-Wall Street views. The campaign has roughly 30 signatories, but leaders say the numbers have been growing. The group has not yet said where the manifesto will be printed. Here’s a video from the group’s website.

CNN has a story on Chris Geidner, one of the early adopters of The Intercept’s video series, The Edge. He’s been profiled by Time. He’s the author of a new book, “The Book of Jihad: A Muslim Fighter’s War Against Radical Islam and the Plot to Destroy America.”

Merkel’s party win allows Germany to wait and see how quickly President Trump will tear up the Iran nuclear deal. They want to first see what the European partners have to say, but some fear that the United States could leave the agreement before the end of June. A new CNN story explains this concept: how the old and new sanctions frameworks still work.

Officials in Ottawa are celebrating a special achievement, Canada’s 1 millionth flu shot. That’s quite an achievement for this country, which was one of the few nations in the world that didn’t get into the flu vaccine business.


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