‘No votes for … worst nominee ever’

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Rep. John Ratcliffe voted against the late Marjorie Taylor Greene’s confirmation to the federal bench

A Republican legislator in Texas has weighed in after the decision to deny a seat on the US court of appeals to Marjorie Taylor Greene.

The ruling came after a Senate minority leader said she was “the worst nominee ever” because of her record on federal job boards.

Republican Texas Rep. John Ratcliffe is a candidate to succeed Sen. John Cornyn as the state’s junior senator.

Mr Ratcliffe said his seat is not “bought and sold” and thanked Senate Democrats “for their efforts”.

He said he would vote against her confirmation.

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Rep. John Ratcliffe said his seat is not “bought and sold”

“I would ask her questions about this record and many others such as the need for equal opportunity and opportunity for women. I would ask her about the disproportionate number of Hispanic and black cases that she declined to handle, and she refused to provide us with information on why,” he said in a statement.

He also said the resolution of her case reflected poorly on “the respect and integrity of the judiciary”.

“The Senate should follow the will of the American people and deny this nomination,” he added.

The 80-year-old Ms Greene, who died in October, was never officially confirmed for the role of a lifetime on the federal appeals court for the 5th Circuit.

The full Senate’s rare vote of confirmation marked the first time Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer sided with Republicans.

Ms Greene worked as a legal secretary for more than 15 years, she later served as assistant district attorney for local courts in the district of New Orleans.

She was the subject of protests by civil rights groups, whose members marched from New Orleans to Washington DC to protest the vote.

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