Nursing homes welcome relatives visiting relatives at home

Starting this year, nursing homes will welcome families visiting their loved ones.

The move by the Scottish Government is hoped to improve the quality of life for residents and more people will be able to care for family members at home.

Under the changes, beginning July, residents will be able to receive simple care to help them live at home or with a home care partner. And local authorities will be able to set out how visiting from relatives and friends is to be regulated to ensure it is safe and beneficial for residents.

Families who are required to visit will, for the first time, be able to express how, where and when they are allowed.

The changes will mean residents who meet particular criteria can benefit from extra support or allow relatives to hand over full responsibility for the elderly person at home.

Families will also be able to explore their family history in a period of up to five weeks, when a “visiting family history” forms part of their working day.

As part of this, they will be able to visit a member of staff to discuss ancestry, family history, their own background, Scottish heritage and delve into related interests, such as art, sport, music, literature and film.

Nicola Sturgeon announced the “significant” new measures for residents, families and health professionals at the Scottish Government launch of “Making Home a Better Place”.

The coalition of health, education and social care organisations and agencies behind the Better Homes for All Scotland campaign led the introduction of the drive.

A new online platform, helpline and agency locator will give information on open days and upcoming events held by different care companies.

So far, more than 150 open days have been secured across Scotland where family members can look round a care home or study the different types of service on offer.

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