‘Shocked’ A-levelers pay tribute to victims of US school shooting

– Six people have been shot dead at a school in the United States, according to the New York Times, which citing local media.

– The gunman is said to be a former student, the Times says. There were conflicting reports of how many people died in the attack.

– The president of the New York Times says the newspaper initially “misstated the number of victims”.

– The school and many nearby schools have been placed on lockdown.

– Reuters’ reporting notes that both police and the school are advising people not to call them to get any information. It is not yet clear whether the gunman has been apprehended.

– Following news of the shooting, former students and teachers at the school took to social media to share stories of a troubled young man who had attended the high school, and made links to a Twitter account describing him as a troubled, disgruntled former student.

– One message on the tweet says a mother, “Shaken,” would “stop this drama every day”, and includes a picture of the suspect’s dead body.

– The New York Times reports that three of the people killed were female.

– The Times has reported that a student who witnessed the attack escaped by running past the gunman, who had burst into the building.

– The gunman’s father told the Times that his son had recently been “cutting himself” and was a “control freak” who hated his teachers, though the older man declined to elaborate.

– Authorities have not yet released the identities of the victims.

Source: Reuters

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