‘The way I view college will forever haunt me the moment I leave’

I have been in college for all of seven weeks and have yet to experience a collegiate coed episode in which more than one girl was pranking the boys and it was a low-key, all-in kind of thing. According to Chapman University’s student newspaper, a member of the school’s ice cream team has captured the school’s attention for other reasons.

The team holds three competitions each year: the Bunsen Burner competition, which is an especially fierce event; a local competition that costs students who register $5 to compete; and a State USA Compete championship — which the school won. Chirp says they have raised about $300,000 to date, a major achievement for a three-year-old team competing against athletes from around the country.

The student athletes are really competitive, in every sense of the word. Some guys would try to prank the other girls, who play along but sometimes thought the pranks were hilarious and even joined in. It was like a weird sports team. But not everyone was on board — the school is really stuck in a Cold War mindset about sex. … Other teams would tell them “don’t go there” or they would try to shut it down.

Ultimately, I have been able to call college the magic of an adventure, and I have enjoyed every moment of it. I have had some really low moments but I have also gotten quite a few hits with the sweet side of this journey. I will always cherish my college experience in the most personal way because it has taught me the importance of social grace and also the importance of the opportunity and brand you choose, as important as that is. And maybe not surprisingly, the way I view college will forever forever haunt me the moment I leave.

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