Behind the scenes: Murphy Brown finds hidden ammunition

According to the NY Post, Police searched the production company’s New York offices looking for live ammunition over the weekend. Sources told the newspaper that “they confiscated about a hundred rounds of 7.62×51 calibers.” The Weekly Standard reported that the sheriff’s office also seized bottles of vinegar and nitrous oxide — as well as “tortilla tape, rubber mallets, golf clubs, cigarette lighters, sticks, gloves, tongs, balaclavas, candles, felt pens, scrap metal, bags, cardboard boxes, a duffel bag, a tarp, mops, rubber mats, buckets, buckets, a sander, a measuring tape, a sprinkler, an oil drum, mops, gloves, etc.,” adding: “Officials examined the costumes’ contents for ‘evidence that their manufacturer and sellers may have sold ammunition at its locations.’ ”

In a separate New York Post story about the search, an official revealed that police were looking into claims that live ammunition and surplus weapons were being used during production. “We’re searching several different locations,” the source said. “We are searching five different locations and there’s a warrant for them to search.” There’s no clear indication of whether or not any weapons were found on the days of filming between November 25th and December 8th.

Out of curiosity, here’s a shot of Rust on the set, taken by a Daily Beast staffer who was invited to the scene and was also allowed to meet Alec Baldwin at the production office and to take pictures. Note the debris from the prop gun that appears to have broken, just the fiberglass frame and the open magazine. Since Donald Trump Jr. is reporting that “real ammo” was used, but this seems very unauthentic to us. As Alec Baldwin points out, it looks as if a spent bullet casing was still in the magazine. Whoever smuggled the ammo got a terrible deal:

What’s it about my hot weave? — Carlos Greer (@CarlosGreer) December 21, 2017

Alec himself, an avid and tacitly celebrated proponent of concealed carry, was pleased with the outcome. “We do have the Second Amendment!” he exclaimed.

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