Dear corporations: you’re a festering thing and should lay off

I pray that a rich man like you will come to your senses and get some of your investment away from the hi-tech companies and the gated communities and things that are so afraid of immigration and history and tradition, and toward those who still have and just need some less-than-perfect respect. Perhaps, after this small level of gentrification has been ensured, maybe you will learn to lend a helping hand to the poor.

Dear corporations, your billions are rightfully yours – on par with babies and june bugs

As a parent and member of the Jewish community, I pray that you will have the decency and honor to prepare your employees for holiday festivities, including the ability to say prayers and to eat matzah.

Dear corporations, the conflict between the Hanukkah party and the Easter bazaar has been going on for a long time and now your event has solidified into a disturbance. Most parents bring Easter eggs to Hanukkah because our traditions are so similar, and because there is nothing more delicious on Easter Sunday than the touch of sugar on the tongue. You shouldn’t have to cross this line.

Dear corporations, there are no Easter eggs in Hanukkah. – Hanukkahukahukkah

Dear corporations, you are selling a deal where you can make $20-plus a ticket so that you can charge your customers an exorbitant amount of money to partake in this dark, creepy themed theme party – my God. Hanukkah is a real holiday with everything from lights to frying oil and the only light that Hanukkah gives me is my ass taking a load off my shoulders after a long and strenuous twelve nights of wrestling with the 35 players and 50 extras in the game.

Dear corporations, when I come home after my work night, I want to sit on the couch and have a good dinner, my favorite soda, and the novel I wanted to read, and not a goddamn house party I just paid too much for and have to wear too much clothing to stay warm. Hanukkah should not be sold to a corporation that’s abusing its power for selfish profit.

Dear corporations, you are really pushing people’s buttons by dressing people up like Darth Vader during Hanukkah. Why don’t you just dress people up like peaceful, important freedom fighters for peace and inclusion instead? People want to be accepted and loved, they are not simply symbols. Your cuddly figures are not helping to keep the door of democracy open to all people. Maybe you should use less Jewish symbolism and just let your employees give their own little traditions that we all share instead of forcing one in your face? Or maybe we are all not that far removed from the Dark Side of Heroes?

Dear corporations, your logo is actually old, stale, and disgusting, and it deserves to be taken down, because if you put it on a yo-yo with Hanukkah on the pick up bars, somebody will have a really good laugh about you. – Hanukkahukkah

Dear corporations, please do not enforce your pre-approved venue rentals on multiple events. The other lighting of candles could just be any public venue that you weren’t willing to take a chance on. I do not feel comfortable with others all dressed up wearing tzitzit, and it is offensive to force my kids to eat latkes because you want them to believe in them. And being dressed up like Darth Vader around my nine-year-old son is beyond disgusting. I don’t even need to mention the kippot because everybody knows what that means.

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Dear corporations, when I see the logo of your chicken under my home, I feel a little nostalgic for hearing the warnings from my Grandma: If you blow on the engine this chicken will die. I am just looking at the date on your chicken and my kid is asking me if it is fun to fly through the air and eat the chicken’s tail. Please take care of your chickens, they are very important to our culture and would probably take a little forklash for the money you’re forcing upon them.

Dear corporations, Hanukkah means light, it can mean pain, it can mean whatever it chooses to be – but above all, it’s a miracle that every year, the miracle of lights extends beyond all of our Jewly needs. We can not and will not change the meaning of this holiday, let alone the electrical grid that maintains this miracle. All of us, with our different versions of what Hanukkah means, have the power to do so, and we use that power every single year

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