Ford unveils a new Mustang Shelby GT500, and a candy pink Lambretta

He also worked on the all-new Ford Focus RS – Ford’s first all-new model in nearly two decades.

Flatiron’s office is in a loft space from 1912, an Italian Renaissance manor that once had servants. Max thought it was fitting because he’s been trying to bring classic cars out of the private-sector garage.

This year’s show is unlike others because it’s packed with looks that are pure yesterday.

Like the George Clooney-sponsored Lamborghini Reventon and the Morgan Ghost I previewed earlier.

Flatiron’s director of acquisitions and partnerships George Rapoport said he got the scoop on the Reventon at the Monterey and Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.

“He wanted to buy a car, and that car was on the wall, and then we have a dealer that was the dealer for the car. And he said, ‘I’ve got one.’ So it’s just been a record collector’s car,” Rapoport said.

Still, the Ghost has a future with the Ford brand.

Flatiron’s Ford team took out the old rat rod color – Ceramic Impala – and is brightening it up with new white paint and red brake calipers.

Ford is also bringing back the Bandit, a 1965 Mustang that’s likely one of the last in existence. It’s important because cars from the Ford GT era that were made for track use aren’t selling as well.

“It was custom built, put together by professional tinkerers – they want to bring it out. It’s going to be a very good display,” Rapoport said.

Ford is also showing off the Mustang Shelby GT500 — the all-new 455-horsepower pony car is arriving late this year. Ford’s love affair with drag racing is on display with everything from drag racing license plates to re-creations of famous Midwestern racers and renowned Trucks.

This years endurance race track also has a pop up area where fans can get themselves more touch and feel. Ford has been making toy car kits – each contains a seat for the child to push and pedal the vehicle, a complete dashboard, full keyboard interface and more.

But it’s not all about the toys.

Ford is also putting on a crash course on street performance – that takes place at the Pickering Park International Raceway.

‘It gets me to unleash it – it’s like a combination of a race car and a rally car,’ said Cory Cook, founder of Silverwater Racing.

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