Kim Kardashian, Kanye West to host their own ‘Spiritual Olympics’ this weekend

The rappers have nothing in common: Kanye West is highly strung and spiritual; Virgil Abloh is an ebullient love addict who likes to mug while doing so.

But these close observers of industry culture, who are equally obsessive about their respective loves, have both praised and detested the respect Abloh has received for expanding the boundaries of modern wardrobes and, as an artist in general, for the groundbreaking designs he’s brought to the helm of Dior Homme.

Sunday Service is a monthly magazine that bills itself as “the most visual magazine that no one will read.” However, in addition to putting out some of the most cutting-edge photographs of the month, the magazine is also known for its covered songs, which provides readers with an inside look at some of the artists it covers. Often accompanied by a video, these covers are a sort of modern version of the Times Square Billboard. Some song covers they have done recently include versions of Childish Gambino’s “This Is America,” Macklemore’s “Growing Up” and, this weekend, Adele’s “Easy on Me.”

In that short time, the magazine has featured some of the biggest names in culture. There’s Rufus Wainwright’s version of “One Life to Live” complete with cutting-edge photography and a series of feathers (who knew feathers could function as one’s cover?), tributes to Alan Alda and Emma Stone, and the cover of John Legend’s “Love Me Now.”

This cover of “Easy on Me” featuring Kanye West is one of its more striking covers, and is one of the most beautiful.

West, who is (thankfully) busy visiting Uganda this week to discuss how the government, both in Africa and Washington, must begin to embrace its blackness, also has something else on his radar this weekend. He told Reuters this week that the “Spiritual Olympics” he was hosting over the next week were expecting a live stream of his debate with the Rapper/Artist/Musician/Artist he calls the “President” of United States, Donald Trump.

Thanks to West’s wife, Kim Kardashian, who was videoing the West-directed event, the program would also include former Barack Obama and Michelle Obama, according to Mediaite.

Meanwhile, in the Diary of a Fashion Blogger, Gabriella Parsons writes about the issue of being a celebrity editor and what it was like to take over Sunday Service from the legendary Jane Mayer, who she describes as “generous” and “well versed in fashion and style in a way that few are.”

When reached for comment, Mayer said “Kanye is a delight to work with. Very generous. More than a handful of people I’ve known will be in attendance at the debate and we can’t wait. Kanye is being most hospitable.”

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