Stories of Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos

Elizabeth Holmes, the founder and former CEO of Theranos, admitted lying to investors about the company’s accuracy of blood tests. Her testimony came during a hearing in a California state court on Friday that could determine whether she should stand trial for alleged securities fraud. The actress Jennifer Garner also testified against Holmes.

Jennifer Garner

Read more about Jennifer Garner’s testimony from The New York Times: “Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes Blames Her Teenage Bribery Accuser for ‘Fronts’ on an ‘Urgent’ Story.”

Lauren Fishel

Fishel describes her friend’s lies, a strategy that reached its zenith when Theranos announced its change of heart and issued a new statement of misrepresentations. Those misrepresentations affected another woman in the courtroom: Fishel became a plaintiff in the lawsuit brought against Holmes. The late Brittany Ward Jackson was represented by Theranos when she was awarded a $1.2 million judgment for negligence by the California Department of Public Health. In 2016, Theranos said it would pay Jackson $30,000 and create a trust for her children. Theranos later walked away from the agreement, and said it had no intention of paying the money — which it ultimately refused to do — according to court documents.

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