Kim Kardashian in cryptocurrency spat

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Kanye West is also an investor in cryptocurrency

A celebrity rapper has criticised US television presenter Kim Kardashian West for failing to pay him for promoting a cryptocurrency on Twitter.

In a series of tweets, French dance music producer Bat for Lashes, whose real name is Natasha Khan, criticised Kanye West’s wife for not paying.

“I spent f***ing $100 million promoting #Bitcoin and #XRP (another cryptocurrency backed by air miles),” Ms Khan tweeted.

“Of course I want my money back,” she added.

She said she did not give Ms Kardashian West any money to promote the currency, which she called the “feminist future”.

Ms Khan later wrote: “At the end of the day Kim is a rich white woman who has a pretty face.”

Kardashian: ‘Not funny’

Image copyright AFP/Getty Images Image caption Kim Kardashian was criticised for promoting the cryptocurrency Bancor, but her tweet was later removed

However, several Twitter users disputed Ms Khan’s position.

She also criticised Kim Kardashian’s posting of a photo of her wearing a necklace from Bancor, saying it was a way to promote it while benefiting herself.

“Stupid hashtag, and what an ironic situation as an Asian woman to not ask my resources before asking one from the most visible woman in the world,” Ms Khan wrote.

Ms Kardashian later deleted her tweet, which asked if she could invest in Bancor in exchange for “air miles”.

No bitcoin takings

Ms Khan’s statement comes after a series of disputes over cryptocurrency, with rival supporters of the alternative currency going to war online.

Bancor’s rival, Ripple, was slammed by Mr Khan and another celebrity rapper, Nas, and said to have received no cryptocurrency.

Bancor – which uses blockchain technology – told users that it had spent $92,240 on celebrities’ social media mentions.

Its backers suggested that the cash was based on future business deals.

Ms Kardashian recently said she was bullish on bitcoin, one of the most popular cryptocurrencies, which soared earlier this year.

However, she wrote on Twitter: “I’m excited to invest, not trade. I just want to feel like it’s authentic because I am all about authenticity.

“But my husband [Kanye West] is way more into bitcoin and blockchain.”

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