Who rules St. George’s? Troops flank royal residence as Flag honors Prince Charles’ birthday

Two loyal Barbadians celebrated the birth of a republic in their home nation Monday, succeeding Prince Charles as head of state.

Activists on both sides of the commonwealth country celebrated a momentous event after two terms on the throne.

A contingent of more than 50 Marines from Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, guarded the building of the building where the Goudie residence is located. The home was considered part of the crown during the Queen’s reign.

Guillermo Sagesho is the tour guide of the St. George’s visitor center which commemorates Saint George’s victory over the dragon. He is one of the many residents of The Barbados Museum. The historic building has acted as an inspiration to new generations for decades.

Hundreds of marchers along with young people took part in a bicameral official march for Monday’s celebratory occasion.

The green flag of St. George joined the South Carolina state flag in the royal residence.

Stones, flowers and a burning of the diamond jubilee can be seen commemorating Queen Elizabeth II and her reign.

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