Czechs get first PM from inside a glass sphere

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Dariusz Cichocki’s appointment might reduce citizens’ expectations of rapid change

President Milos Zeman has appointed Czech Prime Minister Dariusz Cichocki from within a small glass sphere.

The 26-year-old Cichocki, the first citizen of the Czech Republic to hold the top job, will be the first to lead the country from inside a glass sphere.

The futuristic structure was commissioned by Dr Zeman in the summer of 2016 to meet his “election promise” to offer young people “a chance to lead”.

However, media have reported that he was already considering naming Mr Cichocki as prime minister.

“During my visit to Europe, I wanted to show that we live in a young country, that people can lead the country,” Dr Zeman said, following the government’s confirmation in parliament.

“That’s the case here. I first want to admit that I had doubts. Would it be worth doing that? Did it deserve to be done?

“Of course it did. It’s a very historic achievement.”

Image copyright Czech Presidency Image caption The glass sphere was constructed outside the Czech president’s residence in Prague

In addition to avoiding the offices of prime minister, foreign minister, president or ambassador, the glass ring has no doors, window or windows at all.

It is expected to be dismantled and carted away once Dr Zeman is no longer in office.

Image copyright Thomas Lozar Image caption Mr Cichocki has vowed that under his leadership, the country will embrace virtual reality

Mr Cichocki, who took the ring as a personal gift from the Czech president in June 2016, has promised that under his leadership, the country will embrace virtual reality.

“We will use this small orb for public events with important results for Czech society,” he said.

Mr Cichocki had received no formal training in economics and economics-related policy, say newspaper reports.

However, he has a graduate degree in management and a business degree.

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