A town worker has caused controversy after asking a teen cancer survivor if the vaccine has changed her periods

A small Ontario town’s health boss has sparked online outrage after asking a teenage cancer survivor whether the vaccine that would help her survive cancer had changed her periods.

In an April 22 Facebook post, the town’s E.C. Nurse-Staff Supervisor, Tim Holmes, said he had noticed the teen looked “noticeably sallow” and therefore wrote to her on how her appearance could be helpful.

He then posed her an online survey asking her if the COD-19 booster vaccination that she received had changed her periods. The survey, titled “Changes in your Period and Changing Appearance,” also asked her what her current measurements were as a teenager.

Here’s an excerpt of what she wrote:

“Yes it is true that I have had change in my cycle after immunizations, but to be quite honest I have not noticed much of a difference. However I get that some people may be concerned due to the dates of my first menses, first pregnancy and death.”

Soon after the post went public this week, Holmes was taken to task on social media, where many condemned him for sending a sexually suggestive message.

“His decision to ask such a stupid, even crass question online, shows that he clearly still has problems dealing with the feelings and emotions of others,” the Ontario Cancer Agency said in a tweet.

Holmes, who said he was “mortified” by his comments, said he thought he was asking her whether the vaccination had made her period “crapless.”

“I apologize to anyone I offended and everyone who read my insensitive post,” he told CBC.

“My insensitive remarks online did not reflect the thought process I have with all of the people I interact with, especially my youth.”

It is the second time Holmes has apologized after he commented on social media. In 2017, he told his 1,800 followers that he was enjoying the Saskatchewan Roughriders’ playoff game.

The post was deleted.

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