Charles Payne Talks About Becoming One Of The NFL’s First-Round Draft Picks and The Matt Bryant Interview!

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Could NBC get its first-round playoff victory? The hosts of “The Five” weigh in.

Plus, the financial impact of wildfires on the state of California. Fox Business host Charles Payne weighs in on what to expect from first quarter GDP numbers.

Plus, did you hear about the most valuable player in the NFL being revealed as Cam Newton? The hosts of “Fox & Friends Weekend” offer their opinions on the NFL’s first-round draft pick.

These and more in today’s “Fox & Friends First” highlights:

Charles, thanks for joining us this morning. You’ve got another NFL announcing job coming up. Do you prefer announcing or being an analyst?

CHARLES PAYNE: Not at all. I’m a former general manager of the Bills. I’m in prime position to evaluate talent here and I am being promoted to a General Manager. So I’m excited about that. As far as the NFL, I am a big fan of Mike Tirico. He’s, I’ve worked with him a little bit. He’s a great guy. He’s so intelligent, he’s so knowledgeable about the NFL. He was asking me the other day about my Super Bowl prediction. I think the key to his Monday Night Football victory was he made it a little more competitive. He was going up and down with the flow of the game. Like Pete Carroll did in Super Bowl 49 and we all know what happened. He was very precise in his preparation. I can’t wait to bring my first Super Bowl to the Dallas Cowboys.

KILMEADE: Our time is limited, though. We’re going to go from morning to early afternoon, on Fox and Friends Weekend. I don’t know how well that will go over. Take me through your early afternoon interview with Matt Bryant.

KILMEADE: Absolutely. Matt Bryant, you have never heard from and I think he is a great kicker. He’s a five-time Pro Bowler in the NFL. Right off the bat, for you, how did he look at this job? Matt Bryant, you’ve hit a lot of kicks in your career. How did he react to doing a television job?

BRIAN KILMEADE: The easiest thing for this guy is just that he was born in Chicago. We’re going to tell all you people – Chicago is his home town. Of course he has bounced around to Kansas City, to Jacksonville and now to the Falcons. But here is his story. He knew we were going to be here and he told me he was going to give it a shot because he has some fans out there. But this is what he had to say, from the guy who loves sports and knows football like the back of his hand.

BOB WINCHESTER: He said – thank you guys, I’m humbled, I’ll do my job. And then, if you can pinch me, he said – hopefully you guys like me. He’s such a good guy.

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