CNN suspends Chris Cuomo for unannounced appearance at New York City music festival

CHARLOTTE, NC – CNN has suspended Chris Cuomo for three days for an un-announced performance he gave at New York City’s Kinfolk Festival this weekend.

In November of 2016, during a segment for “New Day,” Cuomo came to an agreement with his father, Governor Cuomo, to give the address as a “spokesperson and sage” of sorts. Cuomo’s team reportedly insisted that he use his father’s speech at a festival had not been vetted by CNN beforehand.

“The agreement he broke is that he was not to read from what his father spoke,” a source with knowledge of the situation said. Cuomo, the source said, “initially tried to flip the script, arguing that he was delivering the speech that he had delivered on his old college campus, Columbia.” In reality, the source said, Cuomo had given his speech, and “opted out.”

At that time, an administration source with knowledge of the situation said, “the governor and Chris reached an agreement about the terms of the speech. This was not dictated by him or the governor.”

The New York Post reports: “The home page for the festival on Friday listed CNN anchor Chris Cuomo as the main speaker.” According to the Post, it is unclear how Cuomo planned to carry on that appearance.

Some of the best comedy can come out of genuine news situations and during this current predicament, there are plenty of Trumpian “snowballs” to be made: the transparency with which Cuomo’s camp reveals that he’s “re-worked” his father’s speech provides a real opportunity to make fun of a man looking for good ratings with family friendly programming.

CNN has confirmed the suspension.

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