Nigel Pardoe: “Now Is Your Chance To See This Insane Cathedral In Action!”

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“Over 200 thousand people took part. And that was the labor of some 600 people. So it is a labor of many people. We did not just start in the four corners of the city, we go to, as I said, 11 gates of the city, 44 simultaneous services. We’ll continue that way until 4pm and then we go on to the Angel of Independence in Barcelona.”

—-said Giorgio Ortega, the mayor of Barcelona, during a live stream service, including live orchestra performances, last week marking the 1000th anniversary of the completion of the opening ceremony of the Sagrada Familia Basilica.

With an estimated $2 billion investment the 12-step process involves the remaining 200,000 working hours of thousands of workers. This despite what can be often “simple heart fatigue”. It is estimated to take the remaining 200,000 hours of working hours to complete, four to six years at a cost of $2 billion and taking 4 to 6 years at a cost of $2 billion. The miracle that greets followers within this gorgeous six-story church is evident with its 200 meters of marble which completely fell over, as opposed to being “dry stone” — like in a domestic building.

(Kay) There’s a special part of the museum where you can go inside this door and the woman opens the key at the beginning and actually you cannot open it as it’s made of some kind of metal — and in the end it opens automatically so it is rather complicated.”

–Nigel Pardoe, RT coverage editor, with the most sound from the 100th birthday party for the Sagrada Familia to UK Today, on his Instagram Live before they hosted Eric Shanks.

(Ardiles) “It really is amazing.”

–Élix Ardiles, Anderton Productions Spain, owner of the Sagrada Familia project, speaking to RT about the century old church with a looming cathedral inside.

(Ardiles) “It is quite a sight. I don’t think that anybody who visits that church would leave that temple and go to another cathedral.”

–Ardiles, a Panamanian businessman and television personality visiting the Sagrada Familia after his chat with Nigel Pardoe on his Instagram Live.

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