Turnaround? Twitter, 3-Year-Old Steve Jobs Stock Price

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey announces Wednesday that he’s stepping down from the company he co-founded. Fred Roggin @RogginJC1 posted on Twitter that Dorsey’s decision to depart leaves the social media giant vulnerable to the same dynamic that shook Apple and Facebook.

An ominous sign for the social media giant: Dorsey stepping down, followed by the current revolving door of the five person board of directors.

In a Wednesday blog post titled “Upcoming Changes to Twitter’s Management Team,” Dorsey said, “In a tumultuous political and social environment, and in order to support our continued growth, we are making changes to our management team.”

He said COO Adam Bain is leaving the company after six years, and Dorsey himself will resign as CEO to focus on product development.

Earlier, on “Fox & Friends” during his appearance on the program, Dorsey said his immediate role will be to hire Bain’s replacement.

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As for his own departure, Dorsey didn’t rule out returning to lead the company. “I’m always going to be here,” he said.

Dorsey continued that under his leadership, Twitter has grown its audience to 2 billion people, given users new tools like video features, and launched a new API for iOS devices and smartwatches.

Dorsey did offer that he would not be giving up on his political activism, which he calls a passion.

He also pointed out that many of his colleagues in the tech community are also getting out of that world.

“At the same time, technology companies, whether it’s Tesla or GitHub or [Google], are experiencing a break-up as well,” he said.

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