US network CNN sets out its archive on YouTube

Image copyright CNN Image caption Chris Cuomo appears on the June 20, 2017 episode of Soledad O’Brien’s show On The Record

More than 800 hours of footage from CNN’s programming archive has been put online for the first time.

CNN said it was the “biggest project” it had undertaken since its founding in 1980, and included talks, documentaries and many programmes recorded specifically for the network.

Many of them had been shown only on the main programme.

Ranking at the top of the list was the following…

America By Mail, featuring Donald Trump’s answer to the KGB

Where’s the President? With Soledad O’Brien (2x hrs), featuring several conversations with Barack Obama and many with Joe Biden

The Black Politician in 2008

Finding Chidi, featuring Mr Obama (2hrs)

Barack Obama, by A Seat at the Table

On the State of Democracy in the United States

And there was certainly plenty more.

Topics ranged from bullying, cancer, horse meat and the conflict in Yemen to Cuba, Elizabeth Warren, the Muslim ban and the recent Crowngate.

Many of these were filmed not only in person, but also by Skype and by satellite.

Many of the interviewees were CNN reporters from around the world.

Vast majority were US citizens, and all were journalists or former journalists. Most of them had written and spoken before.

The memories are often vivid, and are especially startling.

“Today, in some of the poorest parts of America, people who couldn’t escape the tough conditions because they were poor before have to keep animals to get to the store. And the cost of food on some of these level is so high that they have to sell their animals in order to survive,” begins a clip from one correspondent.

During one memorable interview, Tom Brokaw talks to Gordon Brown about what went wrong in Britain.

Tom Brokaw interviews Gordon Brown in an interview from 2005 (Credit: CNN)

Video produced and directed by David Schlesinger,

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