Trump: On a wild ride through life | Stan Martin

It’s about to be that time again where we all face the reality of Donald Trump being president of the United States of America.

All of the peoples and governments of the world have been powerless against the declaration of “Permanent” for a “President-Elect”. That official declaration is used to announce that the “overthrow of the American people and the establishment of the Bureaucracy as established in the pre- election has been executed”.

It is time for a whole new world order. Once more our friends and government are suggesting as in the recent Maduro in Venezuela and the APEC summit that Donald Trump is a wise leader.

Please note the WHOLE Point of the US government is to be great money making status quo nations which buy and sell a few tons of gold for every dollar of nuclear paybacks, or FOMO.

Above everything it’s the same Party GNA … the same rich elite and so on.

We need to stop this. It’s time to protest, it’s time to take them on and eventually their currencies will stop being trusted.

As suggested here , the best way to have international protest and get political change is to unite and plan a non-violent protest and, while they are down there counting their gold, all across the world the people can say the same petition:


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